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Customs clearance

The company «Greenpass Logistics» gives unique service the to clients in the field of customs clearance of cargoes in Russia. In most cases the Forwarding companies give the limited package deal – for example, arrange only deliveries of cargoes that not always meets all requirements of the client. In the end 2009year in activity of the company «Greenpass Logistics» there were essential changes. We have expanded the Package of given services in customs clearance of cargoes.  

Today we are ready to offer you the Following service – Customs clearance on your or Our contract in St.-Petersburg on Baltic, St.-Petersburg and even to Pulkovsky customs.

If the majority of the companies are ready to offer only customs clearance on the Contract of the Client – that we are ready to offer customs clearance on the Contract of the Company «Greenpass Logistics».

We independently conclude the contract with the foreign supplier, opens the transaction passport, we pay your cargo, we deliver it to the customs terminal, we make customs clearance of it on the contract and we bring to destination.

All accounts for delivery and already cleared cargo are exposed in roubles from the Russian company! 




  • Economy of expenses (the maintenance of department of Foreign trade activities, wages to employees and other);
  • Economy of time (we completely supervise official registration of papers, delivery and customs clearance, we prepare necessary documents (Certificates and other));
  • We completely incur All problems arising in the course of transportation of cargo or customs clearance;
  • Quality assurances (we completely incur responsibility for safety of delivery and safety of your cargo from the moment of shipment from a warehouse of the supplier before arrival cargo in destination).


  • It is a lot of questions in the transaction beginning

Dear Clients!
We vary for you to the best! Also we expand a package of given services!


16 February 2012
Новости от компании Sauermann:

Уважаемые партнеры, Компания Sauermann внесла изменения в ассортимент продукции...

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