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Container transportations

The company «Greenpass Logistics» is ready to give service on the arrange of delivery of cargoes in almost any kinds of containers from the countries of South East Asia and America.

Professionalism of our employees and the adjusted work with Sea lines - allows us to render quality services. We deliver for you cargo in the terms stipulated earlier and dates, you can not worry for safety of your cargo, we maintain partner relations with a considerable quantity of the insurance companies.

Delivery of containers can be carried out through ports:

  • Hamburg (Germany),
  • Kotka (Finland),
  • Saint-Petersburg (Russia).

In ports of Germany and Finland, we are ready to submit platforms under containers and to deliver to the necessary customs terminal, to clear of cargo and to bring to you on a warehouse in any point of Russia.


16 February 2012
Новости от компании Sauermann:

Уважаемые партнеры, Компания Sauermann внесла изменения в ассортимент продукции...

"Greenpass Logistics"
+7 812 702 88 98; +7 921 305 66 66
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