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Air Delivery

We are ready to arrange for you Air delivery of cargoes various volume-weight to St.-Petersburg (Pulkovo) from America, China and the countries of South East Asia various schemes of deliveries taking into account requirements of the client on terms and delivery cost.

As we can arrange delivery to our warehouses in Finland and Lithuania, then in the modular car to arrange delivery to customs and further to the final client being in any region of Russia.

We have own agents in America and in the majority of the countries of South East Asia thanks to which we can offer you the most suitable scheme of delivery on a parity the delivery Price/term. 

For example, the fastest variant of delivery of cargo from China – directly to St.-Petersburg or Moscow, this variant more expensive. An optimum variant – a combination Air and Truck transport with delivery of cargo from China to Germany, Lithuania, Finland, then delivery by truck transport to the customs terminal and to the client.

Our experts with pleasure will answer all questions interesting you.


16 February 2012
Новости от компании Sauermann:

Уважаемые партнеры, Компания Sauermann внесла изменения в ассортимент продукции...

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