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Greenpass Logistics

Dear partners,

Company «GREENPASS LOGISTICS» has been established by a team of young professionals in 2008 year. We are ready to offer our clients complete high-quality Logistical and Customs service. The main part of our employees works directly with clients – that helps us to have a wide experience, better understand and satisfy any requirements.

On the year basis our employees pass annual certification and go on different courses,  improve their qualification to guarantee the wide spectrum of services for clients.

Employees with pleasure will consult you concerning delivery and customs clearance of cargo. We co-operate only with the checked up brokers and carriers. With each one we have constant contracts.


16 February 2012
Новости от компании Sauermann:

Уважаемые партнеры, Компания Sauermann внесла изменения в ассортимент продукции...

"Greenpass Logistics"
+7 812 702 88 98; +7 921 305 66 66
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